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Welcome to The Black Company website!

We are a new guild and We require all members be over the age of 18, we do tolerate graphic or offensive language within reason.
We want you to be yourself and have fun, after all this is a game.
Currently Guild leveling, Tradeskilling and Questing is our focus. We do allow new players to the game within our ranks
and will we do our best to answer any questions you may have.  We tend to take leveling a little bit slower, so we can enjoy the full content of EQ2. It also helps the newer players gain a better understanding of how things work.

Please visit our forums for further information
Guild News

Nektropos Castle

Fictitious Being, Feb 14, 10 5:38 PM.
*** Event  ***

Nektropos Castle has been requested.

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Guild Merger with The Underdark Guild

Fictitious Being, Feb 6, 10 4:09 PM.
WELCOME all new members from The Underdark Guild. Myself and the guild leader from Underdark had a pleasant discussion about merging our guilds by absorbing their ranks into The Black Company.

If anyone has any questions feel free to contact Myself (Cdr. Fictitious) or Cdr. Anemic.

Blackburrow TONIGHT!

Fictitious Being, Feb 4, 10 4:50 PM.
A few people have requested a blackburrow group. Well, ask and you shall receive.
Blackburrow group tonight 9pm central. please sign up HERE if you are interested.
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